Targeted Strategies for Today's Evolving Markets

About MissionIR

Strategic communications is our primary focus. We have executed countless investor relations programs to address the needs of companies ranging from start-ups to established industry leaders, gaining valuable experience and the expertise necessary to determine the most effective strategy for any given situation.

Unlike other investor relations firms, we have a network of investor-oriented websites that attract the affluent audience companies strive to impress. Each of these websites utilize proven methods of effective communication and have established a significant presence among the investment community. We also use the latest social networking tools and advanced SEO capabilities to broaden our clients' influence and ability to attract new investors.

More and more companies are beginning to realize the benefits and value of outsourcing their investor relations and strategic communication functions to a team of dedicated professionals. In recent years, the competition for investment capital has escalated to new heights and continues to grow. Securing the capital required for growth now requires greater creativity, discipline, understanding of legal and accounting issues, and increasingly more important, a strong online presence with continual interaction.

MissionIR provides an outsourced low-cost equivalent to an internal investor relations department while simultaneously offering a solid working knowledge of corporate finance and corporate strategy. Through our team of professionals, we provide a complete and comprehensive IR department requiring only a minimum amount of attention from executives, leaving them free to focus on their business.